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Liberty Hill All Sports Booster Club, Inc.

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Where does the money go?  This is just one small example of one of the many things that LHASBC pays for throughout a year:

KMAC Sports Broad Casting costs for the season and average amount of listeners (includes playoffs):

Softball: $3,013                               Average Listeners: 764

Football: $2,961                              Average Listeners: 1,820

Baseball: $2,603                             Average Listeners: 370

Volleyball: $2,173                            Average Listeners: 432

Girls Basketball: $2,108                  Average Listeners: 931

Boys Basketball: $1,883                  Average Listeners: 193

Girls Soccer: $1,353                        Average Listeners: 85

Boys Soccer: $1,352                       Average Listeners: 82

2018 Board Members

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Advisory Board

  Christine Huppee

TREASURER:  Stacy Oncken

Tammy Wise

Sports Representatives:


Volleyball: Chris Huppee

Cross Country:

Boys Basketball:

Girls Basketball



Boys Soccer:

Girls Soccer:



Track & Field:


Athletic Director: Jeff Walker

Please contact Coach Walker thru the High School.